Miami Dade County Concealed Carry Weapons Permit
(CCW / CWP) Training Classes

Concealed carry weapons permit (CCW / CWP) Miami Dade county - Differentiating ourselves from most Miami and Dade county concealed weapons training courses we feature extended range time which will require you to bring 50 rounds of ammunition to our Miami Dade concealed carry classes.  Our philosophy is that meeting the state's FSS790.06 minimum requirementsis not enough. Owning and carrying a handgun requires familiarization and confidence which only comes with time invested, and practice.  Here we see an example of the personal attention that every one of our students receives on the range.  

Students in the Miami and Dade county area whom are interested in a Florida Concealed Carry License (CCW / CWP) can make Tactical U their source for firearms training and support. Our concealed weapons permit training course exceeds all state specific requirements to legally apply for and possess a Florida State CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit). This program is not only for residents, but visitors to Miami or Dade county are welcome to attend. You must be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien to be eligible for both this course and the license (featuring reciprocity in 35 states, vacationers find their permits to be one of their most unique and usefully souvenirs).

Not only does our CCW / CWP course educate you, but our Miami and Dade county staff support you as well. Every student receives upon completion of their training the certificate that is required to satisfy state statute FSS 790.06. Expediting your Concealed Carry handgun permit is made easy by following the detailed instructions that we provide. These instructions break the process down into simple steps. By following these instructions you should obtain your permit within 2-3 weeks from application / appointment with your local DOACS office. Remember, the state of Florida is a government organization, and if they become backlogged, you may have to wait on them a little while longer.

Here is how we differentiate our Miami and Dade county Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW / CWP) course:

  1. Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructors teach ALL of our concealed weapons permit courses. This means that your teacher has demonstrated the level of competence necessary to be entrusted by the state of Florida to train police officers in the usage of firearms.

  2. Seven hours classroom time. Most CCW / CWP classes provide the minimum training necessary to satisfy the state of Florida's requirements. We do not cut corners like that. We spend three hours concentrating on the basics of gun safety before you even step foot on the firing range. We teach you everything from handgun nomenclature to cleaning your weapon. We educate you about ammunition types, malfunctions, stoppages, and immediate action drills to resolve gun jams. By the time you have completed our course you will be able to confidently function, fire and clear a malfunction under stressful conditions. You will learn the skills of emergency reloads, tactical reloads with retention, without retention, safely unloading your handgun. Proper maintenance and storage of both your handgun and the ammunition you use are important factors to owning a weapon that we will teach you. By becoming proficient in these techniques you will build confidence with your weapon and skills that you can rely upon if you ever find yourself in a situation where they are needed to protect yourself or a loved one. Once we have built this solid foundation, it is time to bring you out to the firing range.

  3. Range Time: One Full hour. Familiarization with your handgun requires trigger time and personal instruction. Unlike most Miami and Dade county concealed carry weapons training classes that only allow you to fire a few shots, you will see the improvement our personal instruction makes as you fire upwards of 50 rounds. By teaching you the 7 fundamentals of firearms marksmanship your accuracy will improve, giving you that confidence necessary to safely deploy a firearm. Situational Awareness, preparedness, and having a plan are three vital skills that our class will teach you. You will learn how to leverage the proper mind set and attitude that will maximize your safety. Situations where a handgun could save a life are often encountered UNEXPECTEDLY and QUICKLY leaving you very little time to react. By being so familiar with your weapon that you are acting by instinct, you can use those three seconds you have to act to identify the threat, and carry out your plan.

  4. Florida Law and Federal Civil Liabilities Law. By practicing your second amendment rights you agree to take new responsibilities upon yourself. We will explore these responsibilities with you so that you know what you can, must, and can't do, as well as what the possible consequences of your actions will be.

  5. STATE APPLICATION PACKET (Differentiating ourselves from competitors offering CWP / CCW courses, we actually assist you filling out ALL paperwork required for your application upon completion of our class.)

  6. Additional gun training opportunities. We strongly recommend that you build upon the strong foundation we have given you with this course. Many more intermediate and advanced courses are offered by Tactical U allowing you to enhance your skill set.

At the end of this course located just north of Miami Dade county you will have been provided with everything required to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License.

You get what you pay for. This is not the average CWP / CCW Class. Learn useful skills with a handgun that can save your life! Read more



**The application fee ($112) required by the State of Florida is payable by check or money order and is separate from our class and not included. You mail this fee along with your application to the state. Consequently, it is not necessary or useful to bring this fee to class. The Florida Concealed Weapons License (CCW / CWP) is currently valid for 7 years. The state of Florida currently offers additional seven year renewals at the cost of only $65.

What do I need to bring to this Miami and Dade County Concealed Carry Weapons Permit course?

  • Your firearm. While we rent 9mm pistols for the duration of the course, you are strongly advised to bring the actual weapon you intend to carry so that you can begin the familiarization process right at the beginning.

  • Eye and Ear protection. Safety is our number one concern, so please keep in mind that we will be spending one hour performing live fire drills on an actual firing range.

  • Valid identification showing that you are 21 years old, and either a U.S. citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident with a Valid Alien Resident card. You must have no prior convictions.

  • If we are using our Hollywood range one box (50 rounds) of frangible non-toxic lead-free ammunition must be purchased or brought to the indoor range(9mm $35 for 50), as it is lead-free range and frangible makes it safer than traditional Lead Bullets. This Miami and Dade County course is usually held outdoors at Long Shot Range in Miami.

  • One box (50 rounds) of ammo must be brought to the range if your course is scheduled for outdoors. If you are renting a pistol, advise us and we will bring the ammo.