Hello, I am Stephen L. Cohen President and Founder of Tactical U, LLC.

During the 90's I was a Baltimore City Police Officer. I took firearms defensive training and self preservation seriously as a cop. Although well trained, after my first Police Involved Shooting in December of 1996 I realized I could have been more prepared. Our mission at Tactical U is to teach you the latest and most effective techniques proven to WIN lethal encounters.


  • Commissioned by the Maryland Police & Corrections Training Commission in 1994.
  • Worked as a uniformed Patrol Officer. During that time, I worked high crime areas with focus on felony arrests relating to crimes against person as well as property.
  • Plain clothes detective conducting investigation and warrant service with various federal agencies related to felony crimes against person's cases.
  • Provided executive protection on high profile politicians, celebrities and athletes.
  • Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructor in the following disciplines; Handgun, Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Precision Scoped Rifle, Force on Force RBT and Tactical Shooting Instructor.
  • 23 years Law Enforcement Training, Tactics and Experience.


State Licensing:

Hyperlinks are conveniently available below for verification of licensure. The regulatory agency for our industry is the Florida - Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services -Division of Licensing.


We carry $2,000,000 in General and Professional Liability Insurance underwritten through Loyds of London.