Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development Training Class

Tactical U's Tactical Sniper Development. Miami Students Demonstrate Intermediate Tactics.

Have you been shooting your Scoped Rifle for years? Just how good are you at shooting long distances with your Precision Rifle? Can you consistently shoot 1 MOA groups? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level with Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development Training class? Miami's limited for long range shooting venues. Tactical U Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle is taught at Homestead Training Center which affords us a 500 yard range among many other ranges on the property. Get out from behind the firing line and run your long gun up and down and across the entire tactical range from improvied positions with certified Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms instructors. This video shows highlights from Miami / Homestead as these students are put through the paces of Tactical U's Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development Training class.

This intermediate scoped rifle course is designed for the long range shooter enthusiast who have mastered behind-the-firing-line range skills and are ready to learn Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development skills involving up to date techniques, positons, body mechanics, and multiple threat engagement among other important aspects. Watch our Miami tactical sniper students in the video run their rifles while shooting at various distances assessing the area for threats and dealing with moving targets. This scoped rifle class really raises your heart rate. Running your rifle while under pressure as you switch from dial ups to hold-overs shooting, reloading at various distances inducing stress, all while adhering to principles of gun safety. Once you've taken our Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Training Class shooting at multiple distances down, and across the Miami range, you will not be satisfied with shooting at static targets behind-the-line firing ranges for anything other than marksmanship practice.

Let's walk through a few of the topics covered that these Miami and Dade County Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development Training Classes students are demonstrating in this video.

This comprehensive course teaches you how the master various aspects of being effective in a timely manner with your rifle. Some of the concepts beyond going over the normal. We will focus primarily in 4 areas.

Firearm Safety Rules:Safety is fundamental to all shooting activities. Whether you're practicing at the range, cleaning your gun in the workshop, or defending your family from an attack, the rules of firearm safety always apply. Safe Gun handling involves the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes knowledge of gun safety rules, the skill to apply these rules and a safety-first attitude that arises from the sense responsibility and knowledge of potential dangers. Though there are many specific principles of safe firearm handling and operation, all are derived from four basic Gun Safety rules.

Natural Point of Aim: Back to basics how to properly mount your rifle and square up perpendicular to your target so there is no muscle support involved in the rifles stability. Points of contact on the rifle need to be correct. Proper shooting positions to use when working from a cover point, improvised position, weak / support side of the body. If you mount the rifle in a straight line, you shoot in a straight line.

Stay In The Scope: The meat of the Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle classes on this Miami range involves progressing through a course of fire moving from one engagement to another, while mananging ammo, DOPE and wind. Watch these Miami students assess their situation each time they fire while staging the rifle to fire again. The certified Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms training instructor push you outside of your comfort zone keeping the pace up.

Moving Targets: In this Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Sniper Development Training Class we will teach you the fundamentals of how to attack moving targets and properly assess and identify them rapidly as threats or non-threats. Scanning for additional threats, decision making and situational awareness will be key when navigating through courses of fire.

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Intermediate Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Training Classes are taught in Miami at Homestead Training Center firing range; Therefore bring the following:

Required Equipment: Rifle, Scope & Bipod in case, with MOA, TMR, Mil-Dot or similar reticle. 2 mags preferred, chamber flag, shooting mat, rifle support system for the rear toe of the stock, data book or log book, ballistics calculator, cleaning kit, eye and ear protection, 150 rounds of Match grade ammunition suggested for best result.

Suggested Equipment: Weather meter, range finder, hat, elbow pads, sunglasses, spare parts, sun block, bug spray water and snacks

Remember: Your tools and bore rods etc! Your instructor will not have tools and cleaning essentials they are your responsibility. also documentation on your gear. Bring owners manuals.

Safety Equipment: Miami's Homestead Training Center firing ranges are OUTDOORS. Therefore in addition to Eyes and Ears protection, bring elbow and knee pads, drinking water, snacks, bug spray, sun block. Anything else that you would need to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

Appropriate Clothing: Tactical Precision Scoped Rifle Training Classes are serious physical activities. No open toed shoes or tank tops are allowed. Miami / Homestead are part of SUNNY South Florida and therefore appropriate attire.

Remember: We shoot rain or shine. You will be prone most of the day.