Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training

Tactical U's Night Fire Defensive Tactics Shooting Course

South Beach & Miami-Dade Students Demonstrate Advanced Low Light Tactics & Shooting Drills

Did you know that most shootings happen at night, in low light, no light, or complete darkness? Just how good are you with your handgun? Can you consistently place your shots in a 4 inch group? Do you carry your handgun at night when go out in South Beach? You have a moral obligation to identify a target before you shoot. What are your low light tactics? When is the last time you shot your pistol in Low Light or Night Time, if ever? We rely on 80% visual stimulus. Do you carry a flashlight with you? Do you have night sights on your handgun? Have you ever thought about it? Do you know the difference between sighted fire and lighted fire? Night Fire Defensive Shootings account for the majority of Handgun and Pistol related shootings in the Miami-Dade, Florida and the rest of the country. 80% of shootings occur at night. Knowing this, doesn't it make sense to learn Advanced Low Light Tactics & Defensive Pistol Combat Techniques and drill these advanced night fire combat exercises over and over again? You know the answer.

If you live in south Miami and you are you ready to take your pistol skills to the next level with a Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class? Miami's Long Shot Range and Trail Glades Range are the two convenient locations Tactical U offers these Advanced Night Fire Combat Courses.

Come run and drill low light tactics & advanced defensive pistol techniques up and down range in the dead of night with certified Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms instructors. This video shows highlights from South Beach and Miami as these students are put through the paces of Tactical U's Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class.

This advanced low light tactics night fire handgun course is designed for the pistol enthusiast who have mastered behind-the-firing-line range skills during the day. Now ready to learn Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training skills and techniques, use of night tactics concealment and cover, and modern weapon mounted illumination systems. Strobing, painting & dominating with light, which makes you nearly impossible to hit. Understand night time movements and how they differ then daytime. Learn how to effectively use of ambient light to your advantage when using cover or concealment in total darkness, (which is different than daylight tactics) and situational awareness among other important aspects of night time fire and defensive low light combat techniques. Watch our South Beach and Miami- Dade Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training students in the video utilizing nighttime cover tactics assessing the area in the dark / low light for threats and dealing with moving targets. This advanced night fire defensive low light handgun class really raises your heart rate, your awareness and your night vision. Drawing your pistol while on the move during low light as you switch from strong to weak hand shooting, reloading behind cover while under pressure, all while adhering to principles of gun safety in complete darkness. Once you've taken our Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class moving up, down, and across a South Miami range, you will not be satisfied with standing still shooting from behind-the-line firing ranges for anything other than marksmanship practice.

Topics these South Miami- Dade County, Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Defensive Training students, learned in this video.

Low Light Neglected Training Issues. We almost never train with our pistol in the dark. We rarely practice the very scenario we are most likely to face. We gather 80% of our information through sight. Interference with our vision has a huge impact on our night fire performance. Most of us are not used to manipulating our pistols in the dark or without looking at them. Time and space perception are affected by the lack of light. There is a natural fear of the dark night that can distort your perception of the threat and play tricks on what you think you see and hear. Our Rods and Cones play the biggest factor on our night vision. Most importantly, low light often makes target identification difficult or impossible. Learn the low light pistol tactics and techniques behind target identification and acquisition.

Ambient Light. Understand like a two sided coin ambient light can work for you or against you. If you are in front of an adversary and there is ambient light behind you, you are exposed. Learn how to properly find your pistol's Sight Picture and Sight Alignment at night, low light or no light, be that complete darkness.

One Hand & Weak Hand Firing. Learn proper shooting stances and or positions to use when working from a cover point, one handed and weak / support sided. At night you will most likely deploy your flashlight in one hand and shoot your pistol from the other. Another example, you could be injured and all you have is your weak hand available. Maybe a mounted weapon light was the best option in this case? This is challenging to achieve in low light due to night vision issues. You will experience this.

Moving To Cover and Multiple Targets. This Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Combat Training class will teach you the fundamentals of properly assessing and identifying situations rapidly as threats or non-threats. You will learn how to attack multiple moving targets while scanning for additional threats utilizing cover, the shadow of darkness, ambient light and situational awareness will be key when navigating through this low-light, night time course of pistol fire successfully. Decision making, choosing cover positions, working the angles while not backlighting yourself to limit your exposure to your adversary will be harder at night. All of these techniques can and will benefit you if you should ever need to use them.

Other Topics Covered. Point-shooting, Various flashlight, mounted weapon light techniques, How to select proper lighting tools (hand or weapon mounted), Loading, unloading and clearing stoppages in the dark, White light employment tactics/techniques, Shooting and communicating with a partner.

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Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Classes are taught on an OUTDOOR Miami Shooting Range; Therefore bring the following:

Handgun and Ammunition. Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training is a 4 hour range course. Semi-Automatic handgun shooters will need to bring a holster that is hard sided leather or Kydex and attaches via belt loops to your belt (not clip ons), 3 magazines, and a magazine pouch in addition to their semi-automatic pistol. YOU WILL NEED, a a weapon light extra batteries, and we suggest a second light as a backup. Revolver shooters will need two speed loaders and pouch, a holster, and of course, their revolver. 300 rounds minimum. Remember your cleaning kits! Your instructor will not have tools and cleaning essentials they are your responsibility.

Safety Equipment. For those of you not from the South Beach or Miami Dade area our firing ranges are OUTDOORS. Therefore in addition to Eyes and Ears protection, bring elbow and knee pads, drinking water, snacks, bug spray, sun block. Anything else that you would need to be outdoors for an extended period of time in the South Florida Sun!

Appropriate Clothing. Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Classes are serious physical activities. No open toed shoes or tank tops are allowed. Miami- Dade is part of SUNNY South Florida and therefore a brimmed ball cap to not only cut down on glare, but keep hot brass casings from landing in behind your glasses, burning your eyebrows and is therefore HIGHLY recommended.