Miami - Fort Lauderdale Advanced Assault Rifle Training

The Graduate Level Class for Owners of Assault Riffles (AR-15, AK-47, etc).

Did You Know?

Although commonly refered to as an assault rifle by the general public, these defensive weapons are known as Carbines or Patrol Rifles by law enforcement.
Tactical U does not provide offensive militarized tactics nor will we train you to assault a position, defeat a SWAT team or anything of that sort. WE WILL however, teach how to use these rifles safely, efficiently and effectively for self-defense purposes.

Are you a rifle enthusiast seeking to take your tactical and urban combat skills to the next level?

Tactical U is proud to offer this advanced rifle training course in Miami. This class is 4 hours of nonstop running and gunning. Current and retired certified Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms instructors provide hands on instruction addressing the needs of civilian and professional rifle operators in an urban environment. This course focuses on developing the skills necessary to safely deploy your rifle, and utilize it in a hostile environment to win a lethal encounter. Here are a few of the skills showcased in our advanced rifle training video above:

  1. Tactical U's Miami / Fort Lauderdale Advanced Rifle Training class begins with a gear discussion. Why did you choose your gear? What equipment will benefit you, and why? Just as no one wants to bring a knife to a gunfight, the decision to have equipment available to you is made outside of the heat of the moment. These are decisions you have time to analyze and make the right choices before a situation develops.

  2. After the gear discussion and gun safety best practices have been refreshed, the advanced rifle training students are put through a course of fire designed to raise heart rates by replicating the dynamic situations which can arise in urban environments. Realism is achieved on this Miami rifle range through the use of moving targets. Just as in an actual encounter, the targets won't be the only thing that moves: you will too. Situational awareness skills are developed put to the test. Your responses to each scenario will be observed and critiqued by serving and retired Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms instructors.

  3. Tactical U's Miami advanced rifle training class incorporates tactical skills as well as mental preparation. While the marksmanship requirement for this course is ability to consistently place shots in 6 inch groups at 50 yards range, your skill set will be enhanced by performing on the move, against moving targets, and in nonstandard positions from behind cover. In actual encounters you are not the only one whom will seek cover and concealment. As this is an advanced rifle training class, your targets will utilize cover and concealment. You will practice primary and secondary weapon switching drills, reloading with and without retention on the move, and emergency reloading.

  4. Finally, you will demonstrate your enhanced knowledge by combining every advanced rifle training skill you have practiced. You will engage multiple threats, both moving and stationary, some of which will be benefiting from cover. You will do this on the move and from various stationary positions, with both your primary and your secondary weapon. When you leave the Miami rifle range, you will do so with the confidence that you have taken the next step to prepare yourself to win a potentially lethal urban encounter. Remember, practice makes perfect, and we offer many additional rifle and handgun training opportunities in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas that you can take advantage of as a refresher, or to expand a specific skill.

What do I need to bring to the Miami Advanced Rifle Training class?

  • Your assault rifle / carbine with a rifle sling. 3 magazines and 300 rounds of rifle ammunition. Handgun and handgun holster (that attaches at belt). At least 3 handgun magazines (2 speed loaders for revolver shooters strongly recommended) and 50 rounds of handgun ammunition.

  • A brimmed hat (we will be at an outdoor range in sunny Miami), Ear and Eye protection. Remember we will be spending four hours performing live fire drills on an actual firing range and your safety is important.

  • Valid identification showing that you are 21 years old, and either a U.S. citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident with a Valid Alien Resident card. You must have no prior convictions.

  • Magazine pouch, waterproof shooting mat (this is South Florida known for its frequent rain shower activity), weapon light, knee and elbow pads, bug spray, snacks, water, cleaning kit and any tools you may need are all optional but suggested.