Private handgun training is what prepared these Boca Raton and West Palm Beach firearms training students for the advanced course you see in this video.

Private firearms training for men and women is the natural next step after completing a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit course. Whether you are from West Palm Beach or Boca Raton, there is no substitute for one-on-one firearms instruction. The classroom environment of the concealed carry weapons permit course introduced you to a large amount of information and technique. Now is the time for you to take what you learned in the classroom and practice your handgun operation with a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor watching and critiquing your every move. Repetition is the key to learning and muscle memory. You will practice your stance and firearms presentation. Your grip will be analyzed and improved. This is all part of the 2 hour classroom portion of your private handgun class, before you even step foot on either the Boca Raton or West Palm beach gun range.

Once you are deemed ready your private firearms instructor will take you to a live fire range where you will repeat all of what you have learned, only this time you will actually be firing your weapon. One-on-one firearms instruction allows your trainer to identify stance, grip, and trigger issues that are negatively impacting your handgun marksmanship. Whether it is a sighting issue, too much pull on the trigger, or an angle resulting from grip or stance, your private firearms instructor will determine the root cause and correct you. This class is all about drilling your technique and making sure that your drills are dead-on accurate.

Men and Women's Boca Raton and West Palm Beach private handgun training classes are available now! Private handgun training is a confidence building opportunity specifically designed allow the student to demonstrate their firearms skills while the instructor is watching each movement for opportunities to improve. This Boca Raton and West Palm Beach private firearms class is not about talking, it is about doing. You will not receive background discussion, instead you will repeat each motion until you are performing reliably every time. This is a class that gives you tangible results.

Our statistics have shown us depending upon the individual the class could be as short as 3 1/2 hours or it could go 5 hours for the trainee to obtain the breakthrough. We are comitted either way. So make sure you are too. Be prepared to be with us for up to 5 hours on this training day. Also be ready to work.

4 to 5 hour course cost $500 cash or $515 credit.

This is a, "BY APPOINMENT ONLY" sign up! Call us to set a time. Then, ENROLL with Payment, Phone Number & Date of Class!


The Following topics are taught by Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructors in a one-on-one environment:

- 2-3 hours repetitive fundamentals, technique development or improvement in the classroom.

- Develop the 7 fundamentals of firearms marksmanship & bring them together into a seemless flow..

- Holster work.

- Emergency speed reloads.

- Preparedness for negative situations that can arise in a gunfight.

- Decision making. & Combat mindset.

- 1 hour live fire practice on the range, 50 rounds utilizing what we learned in the classroom.

- Upon completion, you will receive homework comprised of all the dry drills you learned in class.

- You will receive a, "Certificate of Completion".

- Effectively duplicating the desired result through repetition.

- Follow-ups and assessments on your progress.


*1 box (50 rounds) of lead-free frangible Ammunition is included in $500, and is paid to the range operators. WE MUST USE NON-TOXIC LEAD FREE NO EXCEPTIONS!

* Valid identification is required. Must have no prior convictions be at least 18 yrs. or accompanied by an adult. For out non- USA friends you can come join us, BUT you must adhere to to USA LAW!

* Required Equipment: Handgun and good holster, approx. (50 rounds of lead-free frangible ammunition SUPPLIED), eye and ear protection. Firearm rentals are an additional $25. Ear and eye protection are provided.