Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense
Development Training Class

Tactical U's Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense. Miami Students Demonstrate Pistol Tactics From In and Around The Vehicle.

Besides our home and our place of business, our vehicle is the next place we spend most of out time in, so it's only logical that we learn to effectively and efficiently react to a defensive or tactical situation while sitting in a vehicle. Tactical U's Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Class is taught at Homestead Training Center which affords us the space required to effectively teach a Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Training Class. Get out from behind the firing line and run your pistol from the inside and outside of a vehicle with certified Law Enforcement SWAT and Firearms instructors. This video shows highlights from Miami / Homestead as these Instructors demonstrate the paces of Tactical U's Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Class.

Tactical U's Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Class is designed to build on the shooters understanding of Pistol Fundamentals and Firearm Safety and apply them in a Defensive or Tactical Vehicle environment. A vehicle is a very unique object to fight, defend or use as protection during a Tactical or Defensive incident involving a handgun. Due to a vehicle's construction we need to have a clear understandings of ballistics and how they react when they impact a particular portion of the vehicle, how the skin and glass of the vehicle will affect such ballistic trajectory and how we can best use that information to our advantage. Unlike what we see in Hollywood, vehicles aren't considered good cover ,however it's still cover. Like any other Tactical U course dealing with cover, students will be taught the correct use of cover, how to deal with it's angles and what's the best and most effective and efficient way to use a vehicle as cover during a personal defense or tactical situation.

Let's walk through a few of the topics covered that these Miami and Dade County Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Classes students are demonstrating in this video.

Students will learn how to develop tactics and techniques to successfully fight in, out and around a vehicle. The dynamics of such tactics are unique, and as such a number of topics must be covered in the course. We will focus primarily on 5 areas:

Firearm Safety Rules:Safety is fundamental to all shooting activities. Whether you're practicing at the range, cleaning your gun in the workshop, or defending your family from an attack, the rules of firearm safety always apply. Safe Gun handling involves the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes knowledge of gun safety rules, the skill to apply these rules and a safety-first attitude that arises from the sense responsibility and knowledge of potential dangers. Though there are many specific principles of safe firearm handling and operation, all are derived from four basic Gun Safety rules. These rules don’t change even if operating a pistol in a vehicle.

Decision Making Process & Movement: One of the first steps one needs to consider if caught in a vehicle defense situation is your initial reaction or decision. This decision is based on situational awareness, your location, threats and timing. All of these factors will affect how you could react and the options you have available in reacting to that threat. All of them require situational awareness, decision-making, problem solving and eventually some form of movement. All of these factors will be covered in depth as the scenarios evolve.

Use of Cover: Once the initial decision has been made, the next logical process is to protect oneself and that can be done in multiple ways, besides engaging the threat, the use of cover and its proper use is another. Hollywood would have one believe that a car can stop any kind of bullet, or that it will only partially penetrate the cab, when in reality its the complete opposite. As such, understanding how to use a vehicle as cover is a critical component and topic of the Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Class.

Ballistics: Ballistics and the vehicle are directly related to each other. Once again unlike Hollywood bullets don't just bounce, sparkle of just stop after hitting the side of a vehicle. Bullets behave in a very unique manner when striking a vehicle, so unique that we think you will really have an eye opening experience witnessing for yourself what the bullets really do when they impact different parts of a vehicle.

Movement: Movement is yet another core component that Tactical U will be discussing during the Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Class. At some point in the process of defending yourself from a vehicle with a pistol movement will be involved. Whether you're moving inside the vehicle engaging targets or exiting the vehicle to a more secure location, you will have to move. During this phase of the class, we will teach you how to move in and around your vehicle and how to pick the best place to defend yourself from.

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Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Development Training Classes are taught in Miami at Homestead Training Center firing range; Therefore bring the following:

Required Equipment: Pistol stowed in case or holster unloaded, a well designed holster easy and safe to draw and holster from, at least 2 magazines, magazine pouch, cleaning kit, eye and ear protection, 200 rounds of ammunition. All magazine are to remain unloaded until we advise otherwise.

Suggested Equipment: Hat, elbow pads, sunglasses, spare parts, sun block, bug spray water and snacks.

Remember: Your tools and cleaning kits! Your instructor will not have tools and cleaning essentials they are your responsibility. If you run aftermarket gear bring owners manuals.

Safety Equipment: Miami's Homestead Training Center firing ranges are OUTDOORS. Therefore in addition to Eyes and Ears protection, bring elbow and knee pads, drinking water, snacks, bug spray, sun block. Anything else that you would need to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

Appropriate Clothing: Tactical Pistol Vehicle Defense Classes are serious physical activities. No open toed shoes or tank tops are allowed. Miami / Homestead are part of SUNNY South Florida and therefore appropriate attire. We suggest long pants and shirts.

Remember: We shoot rain or shine. Your pistol will not melt. Although you may.