Have you ever been interested in improving your gun skills? If a gunfight broke out, would you be ready? Are you interested in learning how to protect your family? These are the kinds of questions that we ask here at Tactical U Firearms Training because training people to safely and effectively protect themselves and their families with firearms is exactly what we do.

More specifically, we offer an unmatched experience where people can learn gun safety training, tactical shooting training and skill development in a safe environment so that they may be better able to protect themselves with a firearm. While there may be other places in the Fort Lauderdale that claim to offer experiences like ours, Tactical U Firearms Training is the one true source of tactical training for civilians in the state of Florida.  

Who We Are

Here at Tactical U Firearms Training, we are not just offering you the direction and education of a firearm training instructor, we are offering you two instructors with tangible and credible professional experience.

Stephen Cohen

For 26 years Stephen Cohen was a member of law enforcement. Training, tactics, and experience are just a few of the things he gained from his time in law enforcement, as since then his resume has grown longer and longer. If you are interested in knowing a full list of Stephen Cohen’s qualifications, click here.

Mel Becena

After 20 years in the United States Army Special Operations community, you could say Mel Becena knows a thing or two. Similarly to Stephen Cohen, Mel Becena too has an extensive resume. If you would like to see more of his qualifications, click here.

Now that we have briefly met the instructors it is about time we talked about why you’ve visited our site, our tactical training courses for civilians.

Our Tactical Training Courses

If you have ever been interested in furthering your skills with a firearm, you’ve come to the right place, as Tactical U Firearms Training offers all of the tactical self-defense training courses that you could ever need, or want.

Dynamic Rifle Training/ Rifle Fundamentals

Within our dynamic and fundamental rifle training courses, you will receive professional training, complete tactical shooting drills and practice gun safety. With our rifle courses, you can learn the fundamentals of operating a rifle as well as improve more advanced skills like improving your accuracy in stressful and active situations. Click here for a list of fundamental and dynamic rifle courses.

Private/ Customized Training Sessions

For anyone, beginner or advanced, a one on one training session with one of our professional training instructors is extremely beneficial to someone’s firearm skill development. Whether you are interested in bettering your skills with a handgun or a rifle, our experienced training instructors can teach you what you need to know to reach that next level of your firearm skill set. Click here for a complete list of one on one training courses.

Long Range Precision Rifle Training

If you are interested in learning to shoot long range rifles under a variety of different conditions, you might want to consider this course. With skill development opportunities like being able to spend time at the shooting range with one of our talented shooting instructors, this class is perfect for anyone regardless of skill set. To learn more about long range rifle training, click here.

Tactical Handgun Training

At Tactical U firearms Training, we offer a multitude of handgun courses ranging from the popular Florida concealed weapons License course to close range gunfighting. Our intent with offering this wide variety of courses is to provide people with tactical training courses for handguns so that once they leave, they both know how to use a gun and how to protect themselves and their family. To learn more about our tactical handgun courses, click here.

Specialty Classes

In our specialty classes, you will be trained on specialty tactical firearm uses such as vehicle tactics, tactical shotgun use, and tactical gun use in low-light situations. Our specialty classes are all about being prepared, and preparedness is exactly what your professional training instructor will teach you. For more information on our specialty shooting classes, click here.

Interactive Gunfighting

These four-hour courses focus on tactical training for civilians in real-world applications. Learn how to react to another force (another person with a gun), as well as other real world, close quarters gunfights. If you are a hands-on learner, these courses are perfect for you. If you think you might be interested in a course of this nature, click here for more information.

Why Tactical U Firearms Training?

If you are interested in taking gun safety courses, completing shooting drills, close quarters tactical combat, or you are even just interested in learning firearm fundamentals, we encourage you to sign up for one of our tactical training courses for civilians. There is no better place to learn and train for firearm experience in Fort Lauderdale. While there may be other firearm training companies in the area, Tactical U Firearms Training has the most experienced instructors in the area (because our instructors trained the other companies owners).

If you are interested in taking a tactical shooting course, contact us at Tactical U Firearms Training today. We look forward to showing you the safe, efficient way to protect both yourself and your family.

Tune in to our blog for more information on tactical training courses for civilians.

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