When most people hear the term “self-defense classes” they automatically assume that you are talking about a martial art like Jiu-Jitsu or Krav Maga, but that just isn’t the way we think here at Tactical U Firearms Training. When we hear someone say “tactical self-defense training,” we think of firearms, how to use them safely, and how to use them effectively.

Join us at Tactical U Firearms Training by taking one of our tactical self-defense training courses! In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss what sets our self-defense courses apart from others.

It’s A Little Louder Than Your Average Self Defense Class

In a typical self-defense class, you might find yourself sparring on foam mats with another classmate with the loudest sounds in the room disseminating from the mouth of that one guy that just gets way too into it. At Tactical U Firearms Training, the loudest noise that you hear solely depends on the size of the gun that you’re using, and what the target is made of. One of the only similarities that our courses have to your typical self-defense class is that it is separated by experience levels so that you can learn in manageable increments.

It Is Physical

We aren’t making a broad claim that our course is more physically demanding than other self-defense classes, although some of our courses are quite physical, we are simply trying to state that they are real. Our tactical self-defense training isn’t a quick video that you can pop into your VCR and print off a certification. At Tactical U firearms Training, you can expect to shoot firearms like automatic rifles, handguns, shotguns, and more on our outdoor shooting range. We firmly believe that when dealing with firearm training there is no better way to learn than to physically practice on a tactical shooting range.

We Practice, Learn, Then Practice More

At Tactical U Firearms Training, we have a proven methodology of providing tactical training courses for civilians. Starting in the classroom, you will learn the fundamentals of gun safety (even if you already know them it is always good to have a refresher), learn the fundamentals of the course that you are attending, and then you will practice them.

We firmly believe that practice and repetition is an unstoppable learning method when you have been provided the proper fundamentals of self-defense.

We Offer A Variety Of Courses

If there is one broad thing that we can say about self-defense courses, both firearm, and martial arts, it’s that they get old after a while. With some of the more basic tactical shooting courses, other companies will teach the basics before teaching you to shoot at a stationary target. At Tactical U Firearms Training, we offer our customers with progressive courses starting with very basic Handgun Fundamentals and progressing to real-world situation courses like Force On Force: Interactive Gunfighting.

Whenever you finish a course, there will be a new course that you are now qualified for, making the progressive training structure both engaging and successful.  

Our Experience

The last and arguably most important benefit that you get as a student of Tactical U Firearms Training, is the professional training that you will receive from our shooting instructors. At some of the other local self-defense classes, you might not receive the personal attention of the shooting instructors, but rather will experience instructors that answer your question and move on, not caring if you truly understood the information. At Tactical U Firearms Training, you will receive instruction from professional firearms instructors that truly enjoy teaching people to safely and effectively use firearms for both recreation and self-defense.

Come Visit Us At Tactical U Firearms Training

Tactical U firearms Training is the original firearms skill development course provider in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. We urge you to come visit us and take a tactical shooting course with us. Whether it be that your goal is to get your Florida concealed carry permit or simply to better understand how to protect yourself and your family in your own home, Tactical U Firearms Training is the place for you.

Instead of searching “self-defense classes near me”, simply view our self-defense courses. Contact us if you have any questions about our tactical training for civilians.

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