*Tactical U Cancellation Policy!

Only serious students should register! All Payments must be made in full one week in advance of date by Cash, Check, Credit Card or PayPal. No exceptions!

There will be no refunds. If you give less than 24 hours notice or cancel the day before a class you forfeit your payment. If you cancel for an emergency we will consider the circumstances on a case by case basis. WORK ISSUES do not constitute emergencies. If it is a day where you may be called into work DO NOT SCHEDULE! If you give us 48 hours or more notice you will be allowed another opportunity within a 3 month period to schedule again on a day mutually agreed upon by both parties, due to range expense issue explained below. If you miss that class, you forfeit your payment.

*Please note that we must schedule and pay for the range in advance. Upon doing so we are committed. If you cancel, we still must pay the range owners. If you enjoy that we are able to offer you this service and these types of activities, please be respectful of this.