Coming Soon | Homestead Training Center

Force on Force Training

Time & Location

Homestead Training Center, 11700 SW 304th St, Homestead, FL 33033, USA

About The Event

Interactive Gun Fighting

This foundation class has been designed to systematically blend the firearms training and skills you have developed into a real-world application. It has been Behaviorally proven that under stress the way we shoot, draw and engage firearms can change dramatically. We will focus on transitioning from traditional range training into a 360-degree environment while still being mindful of the core fundamentals of firearms.

Taught by a former Special Forces Team Sergeant and current DHS Firearms Instructor with years of data and experience, we will teach you these concepts based on real-world statistics.

This is “The Force on Force Solution”

Key Points of Training:

  • Dynamics of a Confrontations
  • Moving at Angles
  • Knife vs. Gun Drills
  • Gun vs. Gun Drills
  • Moving to cover – while shooting
  • Addressing Multiple Adversaries

*This high-intensity class provides real life scenarios at close range against live, interactive opponents!

Recommended Equipment: Long Sleeves, Sweat Shirt Suggested, Glove, Thick Pants, Closed Toe Shoes (Required).