​Private Precision Scoped Rifle Lesson $600

Precision Scoped Rifle Long Range Shooting : These courses focus on developing the basic skills Phase I, all the way through to advanced Phase III, necessary to safely utilize a precision scoped rifle. If you are not sure where you fit in, we offer private as well. We guage the private around an assessment to see where you are, and where we need to pick up from. Whether you are a civilian or high-speed operator, learn the Best Practical precision rifle techniques today. Students will learn to apply precision shooting skills under a variety of conditions. These courses are the foundation, which will give students the necessary skills and confidence to employ a sniper rifle in most any environment. We will cover the skills to teach you how understand your rifle, hit small targets at long distances with precision and ease. This course is taught at Homestead Training Center Miami, Florida by active Sniper Instructors with current real world overseas experience in both maritime and land based operations.

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