Tactical Shotgun & Home Defense

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This class will take you from Basic Defensive Shotgun handling all the way through to tactical principals in the use of a shotgun as a defensive weapon. This class will cover safety, shooting fundamentals, marksmanship, Shotgun Ballistics, and basic maintenance.

Subject Covered:

  • Marksmanship drills
  • Buckshot drills
  • slug drills
  • Immediate action drills
  • Loading and downloading
  • Weapons transitioning
  • Flight path of loads

​Required Equipment:

  • Shotgun & sling
  • 100 rounds assorted bird and buckshot
  • 50 rounds buckshot
  • 50 rounds slug
  • Eye and ear protection.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Hat
  • Knee pads & elbow pads
  • Sunglasses, sun block, water and snacks.

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