Law Enforcement Certified Firearms & SWAT Instructors - Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW / CWP), Tactical Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle Courses.

If you knew you were going to be involved in a gun fight, would you go into it unprepared? Of course you wouldn't. You would seek out the best techniques and learn them. You would then practice, just like an athlete going into the big game. Except this is not a game, this is life or death.


Conveniently located just south of Fort Lauderdale, Our Law Enforcement Certified South Florida Tactical Firearms Instructors are offering Firearms Training, Gun Safety, Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW / CWP) Training, Home Defense, Street Survival, Self-Defense, Maritime Security & Defense, Civilian Specific Courses and Close Protection. We teach various tactics and techniques to Public and Private Law Enforcement Officers and civilians alike. Our seasoned instructors are active and former Police SWAT and Military Certified Firearms Instructors. This means we were taught how to teach this information by either the NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division, FDLE or other federal, state and or local agencies. All instructors are recognized by the State of Florida as Police Certified. This makes us confident that if we train Police, we can train you!

Stephen L. Cohen shows there is more to Tactical U's Fort Lauderdale office than just concealed carry weapons permit (ccw / cwp) training.


Is it your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit you desire? We provide you the Basic Handgun training and certificate required by the state in order to submit for your Florida Concealed Carry license which has reciprocity in 35 states. We will also help you fill out your application. Additionally, if you care to continue your training we can provide basic to advanced tactical handgun, shotgun and rifle classes as well. See our courses page.

Teaching you to survive the fight is our number one mission. Our interest is making sure you have more than adequate training and skills when you finish any of our courses. Other companies only provide the bare minimum concealed weapon permit training to meet the prerequisite for the state. You get what you pay for. Our classes are longer and more intensive. We are conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, in Hollywood Florida.

It is up to you to practice the firearm handling techniques so that what you learn is second nature or muscle memory. This way you react in a situation, you don't think, you do. These gun handling and shooting tactics have been proven time and time again to save lives of individuals, potential victims, and by-standers.

We can tell you from experience, training pays off every time.

Tactical U, LLC is a State Licensed & Insured NRA Affiliated Agency #S86174

Dun & Bradstreet Number 968554456 @tacticalu

"Couldn't ask for a better instructor! Very educational! By the end of the class I felt very comfortable and most moves were completed in a smooth motion! Very impressed! Highly recommended!"

~ Julia Killinger-Colbus

"Thank YOU, Stephen. Your personal attention to detail and your patience enabled me to overcome any possible intimidation I may have had (re: handguns and safety). I look forward to a rewarding relationship and furthering my knowledge and expertise through your guidance. I trust you will encourage me to do so and appreciate it! Hurry back!"

~ Katie Shipley Innis

"If you own a firearm and have not looked into being trained by Stephen Cohen at Tactical U, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a great disservice. This was hands down the best firearms training I have ever received. No matter how prepared you think you are, you are not. No matter how much you think you know, you don't know enough."

~ Lance Hyatt

"Extremely knowledgeable of firearms and use. this class is a must if you own or work with firearms."

~ Cedric McDaniel

"Tactical U- GREAT Basic Gun Education Class... Stephen is so patient and full of knowledge... totally made me feel at ease considering none of us had ever fired a pistol before!! Thanks so much for helping us!"

~ Alyssa Brook Woods

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