1. Is A Purse A Good Concealed Carry Option For Women?

    Many women carry a pistol in their purse for protection. While I understand that having a gun on or upon your person is better than not having one and needing it. I would suggest that this carry method is not the best option. I realize that women tend to dress more fashionably as opposed to dressing…Read More

  2. Type of Tactical Firearms Instructor Is Right For You?

    In today’s post we’ll consider 4 key factors for choosing your personal firearms instructor.  Then, I’ll share 3 potentially life saving tips for making your choice. What does this term, “Tactical” mean? The definition of tactical is “... of or relating to combat tactics: such as of or …Read More

  3. Why You Can Benefit From Tactical Shooting Courses

    Tactical training courses are often overlooked by gun owners as a valuable asset because they seem to think that they wouldn’t benefit from that high of a level of training — after all, it is a rarity to be involved in a situation where tactical firearm skills are necessary as a civilian. Here a…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Having Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit

    Currently, the topic of gun ownership is in a volatile climate as the issues surrounding gun control are heavily debated by both politicians and civilians. While the government debates regulations with the intent to help reduce gun violence and the ease of access to firearms, some people are taking …Read More

  5. What Sets Our Self-Defense Classes Apart

    When most people hear the term “self-defense classes” they automatically assume that you are talking about a martial art like Jiu-Jitsu or Krav Maga, but that just isn't the way we think here at Tactical U Firearms Training. When we hear someone say “tactical self-defense training,” we think…Read More

  6. Welcome to The Tactical U Firearms Training Blog

    Have you ever been interested in improving your gun skills? If a gunfight broke out, would you be ready? Are you interested in learning how to protect your family? These are the kinds of questions that we ask here at Tactical U Firearms Training because training people to safely and effectively prot…Read More