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Night Fire Defensive Shootings account for the majority of Handgun and Pistol related shootings in Miami-Dade, Florida and the rest of the country. 80% of shootings occur at night. Knowing this, doesn’t it make sense to learn Advanced Low Light Tactics & Defensive Pistol Combat Techniques and drill these advanced night fire combat exercises over and over again? You know the answer.

If you live in south Florida and you are you ready to take your pistol skills to the next level with a Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class? Miami’s Long Shot Range and Trail Glades Range are the two convenient locations Tactical U offers these Advanced Night Fire Combat Courses.

​Come run and drill low light tactics & advanced defensive pistol techniques up and down range in the dead of night with certified Law Enforcement SWAT & Firearms instructors, a retired Special Forces Sergeant, and a current DHS Firearms Instructor. This video shows highlights from South Beach and Miami as these students are put through the paces of Tactical U’s Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class.

​This advanced low light tactics night fire handgun course is designed for the pistol enthusiast who have mastered behind-the-firing-line range skills during the day. Now ready to learn Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training skills and techniques, use of night tactics concealment and cover, and modern weapon mounted illumination systems. Strobing, painting & dominating with light, which makes you nearly impossible to hit. Understand night time movements and how they differ then daytime.

Learn how to effectively use of ambient light to your advantage when using cover or concealment in total darkness, (which is different than daylight tactics) and situational awareness among other important aspects of night time fire and defensive low light combat techniques. Watch our South Beach and Miami- Dade Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training students in the video utilizing nighttime cover tactics assessing the area in the dark / low light for threats and dealing with moving targets.

This advanced night fire defensive low light handgun class really raises your heart rate, your awareness and your night vision. Drawing your pistol while on the move during low light as you switch from strong to weak hand shooting, reloading behind cover while under pressure, all while adhering to principles of gun safety in complete darkness. Once you’ve taken our Low Light Tactical Handgun Combat Training Class moving up, down, and across a South Miami range, you will not be satisfied with standing still shooting from behind-the-line firing ranges for anything other than marksmanship practice.