In the last Tactical U firearms Training blog post, we discussed that it is more important what a customer says about a company that what the company has to say about themselves. Because of that, we decided to share a couple of reviews that our customers have left for us online. In today’s post, we will continue to discuss some of the glowing testimonials that our customers have had! So instead of searching “tactical training courses Florida”, simply come visit us at Tactical U Firearms Training.

Tactical U Firearms Training Testimonials

Dipen P. – Google Reviews (5 Star Review)

Previously having fired approximately 2000+ rounds, I took the private basic handgun technique course and it was money well spent. Being new to shooting, I never thought I was doing it all wrong. From basic safety knowledge to firing on command, this course is a must for anyone looking to leisurely shoot or to carry. My shots started at a one-foot window to three inches or less after being taught well-calculated techniques by Stephen. I highly recommend taking this course and suggest being ready for many drills! Necessary drills! The information taught is vital to anyone looking to handle a firearm.

Dipen, we really appreciate your positive review and are happy that you had such a great experience with our professional training instructor, Stephen. We 100 percent agree with you that a tactical training course that works on skill development is vital to someone that is looking to handle a firearm. A large part of responsible gun ownership is knowing how to properly handle, as well as discharge, your weapon. We hope to see you soon Dipen!

Vamp K. – Google Reviews (5 Star Review)

A great place to go and get your CCW/CWP! Mel was my instructor; he made the experience fun and had the patience to teach us how to use or guns the right way while putting us in different scenarios. Thank you, Mel!

Thank you for your review Vamp. We too think that Mel is a wonderful addition to our professional training and firearm skill development team. Additionally, we would like to thank you for understanding the value in studying real-life scenarios, because after all, if you are looking to get your CCW/CWP you will be in real-world scenarios all of the time. We hope that you decide to come visit us for our three-part handgun development courses to further your firearm skill development. See you soon.

Kirk R.- Google reviews (5 Star Review)

Top-notch training. I recently did a private handgun techniques course and was blown away by how much my technique and ability to handle the weapon improved. I have been in the military for almost 10 years now and was thoroughly humbled by the experience. Steve is an amazingly patient, confident and knowledgeable instructor who can undoubtedly bring out the full potential in any shooter with any level of training. I recommend going in with an open mindset and leaving your ego at the door for the best experience.

Thank You, Kirk. We really appreciate you and would like to thank you for your service. If at any point you would like to come back, just know that we would be happy to have you.

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Thank you for once again tuning into our blog. We can’t express how important that it is to us that our customers have a valuable and educational experience while taking one of our tactical training courses for civilians.

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