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By Appointment Only! | Homestead Training Center

One on One Carbine / Rifle Training for beginners through advanced. Taught by LE Certified SWAT Instructors.

Please contact us and set up an appointment.

Homestead Training Center, 11700 SW 304th St, Homestead, FL 33033, USA.

Course Costs: $750.00

About The Course

Private Carbine Training (By Appointment Only)

You don’t learn how to handle your rifle correctly by simply shooting it on the range. You learn through tactical shooting drill manipulations, repetitions and working through all of the mechanics of how the rifle operates, and how you operate the rifle. There are seven fundamentals of marksmanship that we will teach you from the ground up. We will also cover the importance of assuming that anything can happen in a gunfight, at any time. Murphy’s law tends to rear its head in a gunfight, so we will teach you how to react to these situations instinctively. Not only will we rehearse the “dance”or the choreography of the gunfight, we will bring it all together though repetitions! So expect a workout, and expect results! Watch how private carbine training improved these Miami and Fort Lauderdale students.

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Subjects Covered

  • Four hours of firearms fundamentals, technique development or redevelopment in dry environment
  • Develop the “Seven Fundamentals of Firearms Marksmanship” and bring them together into a seamless flow
  • Rifle basics – manipulations
  • Establishing a proper zero
  • Speed reloads/tactical reloads
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Acceptable accuracy drills
  • Balance of speed and accuracy
  • Preparedness for negative situations that can arise in a gunfight
  • Decision making and combat mindset
  • Live fire practice on the range, utilizing what we learned in practice
  • Transition shoulder shooting drills
  • Reactive movement drills
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Multiple threat engagements
  • Improvised shooting positions
  • Shooting while moving
  • Cover and concealment
  • Upon completion, you will receive homework comprised of all the dry drills you learned in class.
  • Effectively duplicating the desired result through repetition
  • You will receive a certificate of completion
  • Follow-ups and assessments on your progress

Required Equipment

  • Functional and practical carbine or battle rifle
  • Secondary weapon (handgun) of choice
  • 400 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Proper belt/holster and magazine pouches
  • Four working carbine magazines/two handgun magazines
  • Ear and eye protection

Recommended Equipment

  • Clothing suited to strenuous activity
  • Snacks, food and water
  • Loctite / Threadlocker
  • Tools
  • Sunblock, bug spray and Brimmed cap

*Instructors are former Special Forces team Sergeant, Current DHS firearms instructor, and other LEO Certified Instructors.

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