• Stephen Cohen was commissioned by the Maryland Police & Corrections Training Commission in 1994.
  • He was a uniformed Patrol Officer, and during that time he worked high crime areas with a primary focus on felony arrests relating to crimes against both people and property.
  • Stephen was also served as a plain clothes detective, conducting investigations and warrant service with various federal agencies. Most of the services he provided while conducting investigations were related to felony crimes against a person cases.
  • In his career, he also has provided executive protection for high profile politicians, celebrities, businessmen and athletes.
  • He has worked as a security consultant and contractor for international companies, fortune 500 companies, American and foreign military special operations divisions.
  • Stephen is a Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructor in the following disciplines; handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, precision scoped rifle, force on force RBT, as well as being a tactical shooting instructor.
  • Total, he has spent 30 years in Law Enforcement Training, Tactics and Experience.
  • Currently Stephen mostly spends much of his time training and consulting private and military organizations here in the USA and abroad.


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