• Did you know that most shootings happen at night, in low light, no light, or complete darkness?
  • Just how good are you with your handgun? Can you consistently place your shots in a 4 inch group? Do you carry your handgun at night when go out?
  • If so this is possibly the most useful training course you can take.
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Vehicle Tactics

  • Ever wondered how you would re act to crime while siting in your car in a parking lot, picking the kids up at school or simply stopped at a red light?
  • Seat belts,windows and the gear selector can become huge obstacles in drawing a weapon and discharging it efficiently if you do not know the proper techniques for vehicle based scenarios.
  • What about when you get out of the car? This class will teach you how to navigate around the car and use it as cover, concealment and possibly save your life.
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Tactical Shotgun

  • Many people say the shotgun is the best home defense weapon. This class will teach you the fundamentals of efficient loading, recoil mitigation and shotgun handling.
  • Learn what accessories are useful and what accessories get in the way. Not all shotguns are built the same, we will discuss the pros and cons of various designs and manufacturers.
  • Learn what type of shells to use in what situations, we will evaluate barrier penetration of many brands and types of shells.
  • Is the shotgun the right weapon for the situation your in? Take this course and decide for yourself.
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